The Geo Prizm was produced as a glider in 1993 by General Motors (NUMI plant in Fremont, CA) and sold to U.S. ElectriCar corp who installed the electric drivetrain at their factory near Los Angeles, CA. Today the car gets around 25 miles range on a fresh pack of (cheap) lead-acid batteries.


Motor 50 kW 3-Phase AC Induction
Controller Hughes 50 kW Dolphin Controller
Batteries 50 x 12 v 26 ah Mighty Max Sealed Lead Acid (installed Feb 2020)
Range 12 miles in the Saratoga Hills; 25 miles in the Valley.
Capacity Seats 5 adults with a full trunk


Here are some resources that I have collected/organized/put together that are sure to help any new owner.

Other Resources

The US ElectriCar corp went out of business in 1995 - and all support for the car has become tacit knowledge of the few owners out there.

Owners Support Group