Affective Computing

Affective Computing is all about computers being able to recognize and understand human emotion. I stumbled across the field of Affective Computing during my first year at MIT when I secured a UROP with the Affective Computing group at the MIT Media Lab. The field was reintroduced to me my third year while taking 6.835. Since then I've thought about how I could bring emotional intelligence into all of my projects.


MAS.630 | Affective Computing
Student and Undergraduate Researcher
Affective Computing Group, MIT Media Lab

Internet Policy Research Initiative
Undergraduate Researcher


Affective Computing: Available Technologies and APIs
An overview of the current technologies available to developers and makers to create emotionally intelligent systems.


Affect as a Factor for Precision Performance
Exploring how electrodermal activity, heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature and motion influence a sharp shooter's performance.

AffectAware: Emotion Recognition for Desktop Computer Users
A Firebase powered, Web and iOS based multimodal affect recognition system for desktop experiments.

ActiveScribe: Affectivley Aware Video Chatting
A multiomodal iPad video chatting app that records conversation, affective cues and contextual information.