Multimodal Interaction

Multimodal has become commonplace. A "modality" of interaction can best be described as a type of input or output for a system such a speech, touch, gestural, haptic or many more. I designed my first multimodal system in 6.835 and enjoyed the class so much that I am doing course development part time throughout the semester and will be a TA for the course in Spring 2018.


6.835 Intelligent Mulitmodal User Interfaces
Student and Teaching Assistant


AffectAware: Emotion Recognition for Desktop Computer Users
A Firebase powered, Web and iOS based multimodal affect recognition system for desktop experiments.

ActiveScribe: Affectivley Aware Video Chatting
A multiomodal iPad video chatting app that records conversation, affective cues and contextual information.

An iPad application that let's your record and export raw biometric data from the UITouch class .

Marriott Hotel Smart Lamp
An interactive concept lamp that would sit in a Marriott Hotel Lobby.